Perunding TCS was originally established in 1996 as a Civil and Structural Engineering Consultancy Firm. The founding partners comprised two experienced engineers specializing in Civil and Structural engineering with one of them holding a Masters Degree in Structural Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

Then in 1998, Perunding TCS expanded their business into the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Consultancy by incorporating two more partners, each specializing in their respective Mechanical and Electrical Engineering fields. With this, Perunding TCS would offer a fully integrated engineering consultancy services to Clients under “one-roof”. In addition, Perunding TCS also provide other services such as Project Management and Value Engineering services.


The career objectives of the team is not only to attain 100% in-house capability in the firm's mainstream infrastructure design activities, but also to acquire the technology for the engineering of long-span bridges, and other areas requiring advanced level of analysis.

In a nutshell, we are interested in:

“Applying state-of-the-art engineering method and tools to attain efficient and aesthetic designs”.